Permanent Placement

Our professional experienced technical Industry recruiters find the talent, verify the experience and quality of the employee, and ensure cultural fit. We then promote the features and benefits of working at your organization, to gauge candidate interest. If we believe we have alignment match, we submit the candidate to you with an executive summary that aligns to the Job Req. for continuity in

Our Value

Our main value added when compared to internal recruiting is that, as an IT and engineering specialty placement firm, we find the right technical talent. Additional value added is time savings to you in screening unqualified applicants – time you could better be spending earning money or being productive for your organization. Because we work with the same categories of applicants daily, we do a better job on the front end – qualifying applicants and preventing offer rejections and last minute back-outs.

Attributes of Permanent Placement:

  • Tech Integrated Staffing identifies the candidate
  • You act at the employer of record
  • The candidate works under your direction
  • Services are fee-based, no minimum volume requirements for number of hires.
  • You achieve superior results when compared to using a non-specialty recruiter

Consider this option if:

  • You lack specialty IT and/or Engineering technical recruiting capabilities  
  • You need quantifiable predictable growth
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