Temporary Staffing Augmentation

Staff augmentation started the technical staffing industry, and has been an effective tool for years. Managers have relied on IT specialist and laymen, project managers, and dozens of other job categories to get projects done ahead of schedule and under budget.

Staff Augmentation to Accommodate Tech Integrated Staffing client demand

An effective people strategy will include a significant proportion of “core staff” or permanent, long-term employees. But managers should not overlook the benefit of optimizing the balance between core and augmented staff, sometimes called “contract staff” or “contractors.”

So, what is the ideal balance between core and project-based engineers? While there are no one-size-fits-all answers, several questions help focus this analysis, including:

  • Which are the staff you know you’ll need virtually all of the time?
  • How volatile is your market?
  • How costly are your salaries and benefits in comparison to the value the work provides?
  • Are there certain types of specialists you know you need to always have on hand?
  • Are there specialists you know you’ll need for months at a time, but only on a project-by-project basis?
  • How hard to find are these specialists, and other talent, when you need them?
  • What are your customers’ expectations for turnaround?

Too many core staff and you wind up with salaries and benefits that you don’t need during slow periods. You sacrifice profit or deal with the demoralizing task of laying off excess staff.

Too much reliance on IT staff augmentation, and people who are central to your core competency may leave during slow periods.

We’ll help find the balance.

Staff Augmentation to Enhance Your Capabilities

Sometimes you need a person with specialized expertise for a project that you have the capabilities to manage in-house, but you don’t have anyone with that specific expertise. For example, an Enterprise Resource Planning software implementation, or piping design for a refinery.
TIS will find reliable resources with expertise specific to your needs.

Elements of Staff Augmentation through Tech Integrated Staffing:

  • Tech Integrated Staffing recruits the contract employee
  • Tech Integrated Staffing acts as the employer of record
  • Our contractor works under your direction
  • Most contract employees are willing to work long hours to get your project done
  • You achieve 100% utilization rate of contract staff
  • Low employee markup relative to other types of service providers
  • You achieve fast turnaround
  • This solution is highly scalable
  • You incorporate different expertise and perspective when compared to your permanent staff

Consider this option if:

• You have a project-based or seasonal increase in demand
• Your project is urgent
• You lack certain expertise in your organization, which you only need on a temporary       basis

Let us help you find great technical talent.

We’re not just a payroll outsourcing company. We’re a full-service technical staffing agency. Whether you need top tech talent or payroll service solutions, turn to PEAK for help.

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