Temp to Hire

Temp-to hire is a lot like permanent placement; the goal is to find an employee to add to your team.

Our engineering recruiters find the candidate, verify the experience and quality of the candidate, and ensure cultural fit. We sell the features and benefits of working at your organization, and attempt to gauge interest. If we think we have a good match, we submit the candidate to you with executive summary, resume, bill rate for the temporary period, and any other information that you request.
As a specialty IT and Engineering staffing company, we find the right technical talent. Temp-to-perm is a good option for both the candidate and employer to evaluate each other as a long-term fit.

Elements of Temp-to-Hire:

  • Tech Integrated Staffing identifies the candidate
  • Initially, we act as the employer of record; after an agreed-upon period of time you act as the employer of record
  • The employee works under your direction
  • You have no minimum volume requirements for number of hires
  • You achieve superior results when compared to using a non-IT specialty recruiting agency
  • If you terminate the employee, your obligation to Tech Integrated Staffing ends, you have no additional recruiting fee
  • You may convert the employee using previously agreed-upon terms after the agreed-upon time period
  • We will work with you to find a combination of duration, markup, and conversion terms that fit your needs. The shorter the duration, the higher the markup.

Consider this option if:

  • You lack specialty IT technical recruiting capabilities
  • You need quantifiable predictable growth
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